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Estate Coffee is the product of one farm, unmixed with crops from other farms, and processed to its final (roasted or unroasted) state under the control of that estate farm. Estates produce unique coffees, each with its own flavor and aroma profile and with its own label, comparable to the different wines from the individual estates in the Napa Region of California for example, as opposed to a generic wine from mixed grapes. Estate coffee is exclusively from one farm, and always 100% Kona coffee.

For coffee sales, please contact the Estate direct from the list below. For non-Estate coffees, please check our Member List for farms, processors, roasters and others who may offer Kona coffee from a variety of Kona coffee farms.

The Kona Coffee Council administers “Our Coffee Estates” to ensure that only genuine Estate Coffee is promoted by our member estates.

We are often asked if our coffee farms produce fair trade coffee. Fair trade refers to the practice of paying employees fairly, providing benefits and treating them with respect. In very poor countries coffee farm workers and pickers are sometimes not treated fairly, nor even paid a living wage. That is definitely not true in Hawaii. Our farmers comply with American wage and benefit standards unrivaled any place in the world. The answer is, yes, Kona coffee is fair trade coffee, which provides the highest standard of living of all coffee workers in the world.

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