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  • 14 Dec 2010 10:05 AM | Deleted user

    CTAHR  CBB web site is up and available


    Contents include the presentation that Dr. Bittenbender gave on Wed, December 6th on management practices.

    They will be adding helpful links and other new material as they become available so check back often.

    CTAHR also sent me this link to a Honolulu Start Advertiser article about the fungus that kills CBB. 
  • 06 Dec 2010 3:34 PM | Deleted user

    Managing Coffee Berry Borer on Your Farm

    2 Workshops for farmers, pick the one you can attend

    Wednesday December 8, 2010

    9 to 11 am at the Imin Center, Holualoa
    1 to 3 pm at Yano Hall, Captain Cook

    Coffee Berry Borer (CCB) is serious pest of coffee but it can be managed on your farm by following the steps to be presented at this workshop. Handouts will be available.

    Sponsored by Hawaii Coffee Association and CCB Task Force. Presentor HC Skip Bittenbender and Elsie Burbano, CTAHR/UH

    Questions: Greenwell Farms, 808-323-2862 HC Skip Bittenbender 808-956-6043, email hcbitt@Hawaii.edu

    H.C. Skip Bittenbender, Ph.D.
    Extension Specialist for Coffee, Kava and Cacao


    Tropical Plant and Soil Sciences
    CTAHR College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources
    University of Hawaii at Manoa
    3190 Maile Way
    Honolulu, HI 96822


    tel. 808-956-6043
    fax. 808-956-3894
    office/lab location is 112 St. John Hall
    CTAHR's Farmer's Bookshelf www.CTAHR.Hawaii.edu/fb/
    Cacao industry http://www.thechocolatelife.com/group/hawaiicacao

  • 04 Dec 2010 6:35 AM | Deleted user
  • 28 Oct 2010 10:14 AM | Deleted user
    From Shawn Steiman....

    Attached, please find a letter from me and Elsie Burbano. We are applying for a grant to a research project to help control the coffee berry borer. We need 5 cooperating farms to participate.

    [NYS] Here is Shawn and Elsie's letter

    The above letter is a request for cooperators. Please, distribute it to your membership and and other farmers you may know. I'm also sending it to farmers whose addresses I have on hand.

    I know things must be busy for you with the festival around the corner. However, the due date for the grant is Dec 3 and we need time to mull things over with the cooperators. Please, consider making this letter a priority.

    Please, let me know you've received it and what you'll be doing with it.


      Coffea Consulting
      Phone: 808-223-0982
     On Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/coffeaconsulting
      Follow my coffee blog: http://www.roaste.com/CafeRoaste/CoffeeBlogs/shawn

      "If during their efforts coffee tasters find something in the taste that
      resists being said, that perhaps even resists being organized into their
      discourse, that is where they focus their attention."
      -Kenneth Liberman

  • 28 Oct 2010 10:11 AM | Deleted user

    For the first time, during the special events of the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival, they are offering the Kona farmers and roasters an opportunity to sell and promote their coffee.

    From 11am to 4pm on November 10th at Makaeo (Old A) Pavillion.

    Space is limited so reserve your table and for more information call Glenda Yamagata-Passalacqua @ 756-7689

  • 28 Oct 2010 10:08 AM | Deleted user
    Good News.  Our Fedex Program just got better.  Fedex knows they are losing some business to USPS due to flat rates, so they've increased some discounts.

    Read more about it.
  • 28 Oct 2010 9:50 AM | Deleted user
    From Stuart Nakamoto of UH

    Announcing Two Risk Management Workshops

     details click here


    Farm Recordkeeping


    Federal Crop Insurance and Disaster Assistance Programs for Big Island Growers (repeat)


    Please RSVP by 3 days before the event to reserve your space:

    Hilo with Kathy or Andrew at Komohana, at 981-5199

    Kona with Joan at Kainaliu, at 322-0166

    Waimea with Perci or Randy at Waimea, at 887-6183

    Ocean View with Tony at 929-9224; email: nzthirtytwo@e-mailhawaii.net


  • 28 Oct 2010 9:48 AM | Deleted user
    This is a relayed message from Stuart T Nakamoto of the University of Hawaii

    Coffee growers and industry contacts:

    As you may know, CTAHR lost our extension agent in Kona earlier this year.  With Virginia gone, much of my ties with especially the coffee industry were severely impacted. 

    I am writing to try and adjust for that.  The message below and attached announcement  are for your information, and I also request that you pass the word on to others as well.  I emphasize that growers who do not sign up for USDA-RMA crop insurance will not be eligible for USDA-FSA disaster assistance.  Is it worth the trouble?  For what it's worth, this month I talked to a couple of coffee growers who received $2,000-$3,000 in assistance from FSA.  It had cost them $30-$50/year plus their time and effort to sign up and do the required recordkeeping & reporting.

    I know that drought has affected many growers, and now the coffee berry borer is a new threat.  I don't know at this time if CBB damage would be covered by Federal programs, but what I can say is that if it is covered, growers who do not sign up will very likely NOT get assistance.  Also, please note the sign up deadlines.

    I suggest that especially without an agent, growers will need to make an extra effort to get information.  I hope this helps.


    ----attached message----------

    I am writing to provide information and to ask for your assistance in helping Hawaii's growers.

    With a few months still to go, 2010 has already presented Hawaii's growers with multiple challenges. Among others, the economy is still hurting & the volcano still produces vog, the drought continues, and there have been new pests and diseases.  Fortunately, Federal USDA Risk Management Agency (RMA) crop insurance and USDA Farm Service Agency (FSA) Disaster Assistance programs have provided some relief.  Some, but not enough, farmers and ranchers have received hundreds and even thousands of dollars in assistance.

    Why haven’t more growers been helped?  There are a number of growers  who are not getting these benefits because they do not know about the programs or have essentially chosen not to participate by not acting on the information. 

     Perhaps as importantly, there has been a major change where FSA Disaster Assistance is now directly linked to Federal crop insurance; that is, producers must obtain crop insurance to be eligible for FSA’s disaster programs. For those crops that are non-insurable, coverage must be obtained under the Noninsured Crop Disaster Assistance Program (NAP).  This means that unlike the past when help might be provided to growers who need it, disaster assistance will be available only to growers who sign up beforehand.  So in the event of, say a hurricane, drought, or major earthquake, growers without crop insurance or NAP cannot and will not be helped by FSA.  This is also a trend that seems to be spreading to other programs.

    Of note, for 2011 the sign up deadlines are December 1 of  this year for NAP and December 31 for most crop insurance programs.  With this in mind, the USDA RMA Targeted States program in partnership with CTAHR's LIFE program and USDA-FSA are offering workshops statewide for growers to learn about crop insurance, disaster assistance, and risk management.  This is a repeat of similar workshops held earlier in 2010 but is intended to give producers a last chance before the sign up deadlines.  Again, no sign up means no help.  Companion workshops on record keeping are also being offered.

    Attached are fliers of the workshops (Molokai events are being arranged).  Please help our growers by getting the word out -- better to hear about it more than once, than not be eligible for assistance.

    Please contact me if you have questions or for more information.  Mahalo.

    Stuart T. Nakamoto, Ph.D.                                  Phone:   (808) 956-8125
    Professor and Extension Economist                         Fax:       (808) 956-4883 or  956-4024
       Agricultural Economics and                              Email:   snakamo@hawaii.edu
       Marketing of Perishable Products

    University of Hawaii at Manoa
      College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources
    Dept. of Human Nutrition, Food, and Animal Sciences
    Agricultural Sciences Bldg 314B

      mailing address:
    1955 East-West Road, AgSci 314B

  • 09 Oct 2010 8:23 AM | Anonymous

    Farm Tour Hosts Needed

    Every year the KCC fills a couple buses full of visitors eager to tour some Kona coffee farms. Many of the guests return year after year so we try to visit new and different farms each year. We need a few new farms for this year. Small farms, large farms, fancy farms, simple farms... it's always fun to see the great variety of coffee farms in Kona.

    We stop at each farm for about 30 minutes. The owner usually shows off some unique aspects of their farm and maybe sells some of their coffee or offers free samples. Whether you have 10 trees or 10,000 trees, this is a great way to show off all your hard work and maybe gain some new customers.

    No farm is too small. The only requirements are: accessible by two small buses and not too far from town. Tours are on November 9th and 12th.

    If you might be interested, please contact Gary at info@KonaEarth.com or 808-324-1725 for more details.

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